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Stephanie Weddle DVM CVMRT

Dr. Weddle graduated from the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech in 1992 and passed certification for Canine Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy at The Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Sturtevant, Wisconsin in 2005.  Since then she has continued increasing her knowledge on a regular basis through visitation to the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine's Rehabilitation Center, seminars, conferences, and courses with the University of Tennessee's CCRP program.  She is a member of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians.

The therapy that Dr. Weddle performed  on my Schnauzer enabled him to regain mobility in his front leg after a ligament tear.

Ms H.

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Your first appointment will last 90 to 120 minutes, during which your pet will receive a thorough orthopedic and health examination that includes videos of your pet's movement and thermal imaging.  Your pet's history and any available bloodwork and radiographs will be reviewed...

Every pet deserves to live pain free.


Pets are living longer, thanks to improvements in veterinary medicine, but are they living better?  20 percent of all dogs and 80 percent of senior pets suffer from arthritis. Half of the pet population is overweight, increasing risk of arthritis and other life threatening diseases. Active pets are prone to injuries that can result in long term pain and arthritis. Still others are crippled from neurological and spinal disease. Medications and surgery help, but there is much more that can be done to improve the quality of life for our pets.  I am passionate about reducing pain and improving the mobility of our pets through rehabilitation therapy, and  I prefer working with them in a way that is pleasant and stress free. Treating pets in their own home promotes relaxation, improves learning, reduces the risk of injury, and increases the chance for improvement. That's why I created 4STRONG PAWS LLC, the only mobile veterinary rehabilitation service in the Richmond metro area.  Reducing pain and improving mobility with gentle, easy methods is what 4STRONG PAWS LLC is all about. 

Stephanie Weddle DVM CVMRT